Ironclad Financial Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Begin with a virtual meeting to explore your financial situation and goals.

Step 2: Service and Technology Selection

Choose the appropriate service levels and technology platforms for your investment strategy implementation and monitoring. Costs for these services range from 0.20% to 1.00%, which translates to $200 to $1,000 per year based on $100,000 under management or advisement. This pricing structure is tailored to the sophistication and complexity of the chosen strategies and technology, ensuring alignment with your specific financial requirements.

Step 3: Personalized Strategy Development

Our Discretionary Investment Management partners with custodians like Interactive Brokers and Altruist, and employs Pontera for efficient 401(k) management. The Non-Discretionary Approach uses RightCapital for secure access to various investment providers, Linqto for private equity, and L1 Advisors for onchain digital asset management, alongside Standard Custody & Trust for qualified custodianship.

Step 4: Continual Client Engagement and Portfolio Reviews

In this step, we focus on maintaining a dynamic relationship with you. Regular communication and educational updates are key, ensuring you stay informed about your investment strategy and market trends. This approach is complemented by systematic portfolio reviews, where we assess the performance of your investments in relation to your goals, adjusting strategies as needed based on the ongoing advisory and technology insights. This ensures that your investment plan remains responsive and aligned with both your immediate and long-term financial objectives.

Note on Investment Performance: While Ironclad Financial does not showcase set investment models or past performance, we provide a thorough explanation of our investment process, criteria, and implementation choices. This helps in determining the best fit for your individual goals, whether they lean towards growth, income, or a combination thereof. We also offer options thru Interactive Brokers or on Altruist via Defined Income ETFs from Innovator Shares or Buffer ETFs for risk-defined growth strategies.