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Option 1: Flat Fee Wealth Management (Financial Advice & Investment Management)

Monthly Flat Rate - Financial Advisory & Investment Management (Exchange Traded Funds)

$250 per month

This flat-rate service is ideal for clients looking for consistent, straightforward investment advice and exchange traded funds (ETF) strategies. It provides an easy-to-understand, cost-effective solution for continuous financial guidance and ongoing investment management.

Option 2: Custom Stock and Option Strategies - Asset Under Management

0.60% per Year

(0.05% per month)

Tailored for clients seeking advanced investment strategies. This fee covers comprehensive management of these assets, ensuring a dynamic approach to market changes and opportunities.

Additional Services and Costs

Pontera - Active 401(k) Plan Management

0.50% Annually

(~0.416% per month)

Specialized management of active 401(k) plans. This service allows clients to benefit from our expertise in navigating the complexities of 401(k) investments.

Digital Assets - Assets Under Advisory Fees

1.00% per Year

(~0.83% per month)

Access to our technology platform. This fee is designed for clients investing in self-custodied digital assets, providing them with asset advisory services (Ethereum, EVMs, other platforms being added)

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