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Ironclad Financial's Service-Based Pricing:

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Option 1: Assets Under Management (AUM) / Advisement (AUA):

Pay a percentage of your assets, either under management (via platforms like Altruist, Interactive Brokers, Pontera) or advisement (for assets held away).

Typically varies from 0.20% to 1.00%, depending on the strategy and complexity

Option 2: Flat Fee Model: A fixed monthly fee:

Determinants: Based on the intricacy of your financial situation, the level of service needed, the data and investment platforms used, and the number of accounts involved.

Factors Influencing Pricing:

Scope of Services: Includes investment management, financial planning, tax advice, etc.

Complexity: Factors in the number of accounts, investment strategies, and tax considerations.

Engagement Level: Desired frequency of meetings and communication.

Technology and Platforms: Specialized needs such as blockchain advisory integration, digital asset custody, data platforms, automation, and comprehensive research or analysis tools.

Please be aware that the Ironclad Financial platform serves primarily informational purposes. Advisory services are provided only in jurisdictions where Ironclad Financial and its representatives are duly licensed or exempt from licensure. It's important to remember that past performance is not indicative of future results. All investing carries risk, including the possible loss of principal.