Ironclad Income Model


The Ironclad Income Model is designed to generate steady monthly cash flow, making it ideal for those seeking reliable income streams. This model is particularly beneficial for veterans utilizing VA loans who need only one month of income verification, as well as self-employed individuals and those who have recently transitioned careers.

Investment Process

Our investment process for the Income Model focuses on selecting investments that provide consistent monthly income. The strategy involves a mix of various income-generating asset classes to ensure a stable cash flow. Key steps include:

  • Asset Selection: Choosing investments that generate high yields and consistent income.
  • Diversification: Spreading investments across multiple sectors and asset classes to reduce risk and ensure a stable income stream.
  • Monthly Distribution: Focusing on investments that offer monthly distributions to provide regular cash flow.

Key Components

The Ironclad Income Model incorporates a variety of income-generating assets to achieve its goals. Key components include:

  • Collateralized loan obligations, providing high yields with relatively low risk.
  • Investments in agricultural commodities, offering diversification and income potential.
  • Business development companies that generate income through investments in middle-market companies.
  • Investments in the cybersecurity sector, providing growth and income opportunities.
  • Preferred securities, offering high yields and relatively low volatility.
  • Covered call strategies providing income through options premiums and dividends from equity holdings.
  • Private debt investments that generate high yields from private loans.
  • High-quality corporate bonds, providing income with a balance of yield and credit risk.
  • Master limited partnerships that offer high income from energy infrastructure investments.
  • Hedge strategies designed to protect against significant market downturns, ensuring stable income during volatile periods.

Benefits for Veterans and Self-Employed Individuals

The Ironclad Income Model is particularly advantageous for veterans using VA loans, as it simplifies the income verification process. Instead of requiring 12 months of income statements, the model provides sufficient documentation with just one month of income verification, streamlining the loan approval process.

For self-employed individuals and those who have recently transitioned careers, the Income Model offers a reliable alternative method for income verification, ensuring consistent cash flow without the need for extensive income documentation.

Strategic Benefits

The Ironclad Income Model aims to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reliable Cash Flow: Generating steady monthly income through diversified, high-yield investments.
  • Risk Management: Utilizing a mix of asset classes to mitigate risk and protect income streams.
  • Flexibility: Providing a flexible income solution for veterans, self-employed individuals, and those in career transition.
  • Tax Efficiency: Leveraging the tax advantages of specific investments to enhance after-tax income.
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